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Free valuations
of your property

We value your flat for free, taking into account technical, comparative and market factors.


Our expert financial agents will look for the best mortgage on the market for your profile.


We look for a suitable tenant profile with their economic expectations and with the maximum guarantees.

of certificates

We process Certificates of Habitability, Energy Certificates and Inspections Building Techniques.

Real estate

We manage the sale of your property from the beginning until the signing of the public deed notary. We take care of everything.

Personal Shopper
real estate

We will find a property for you according to your preferences, whether for buy or rent.

Personal Shopper

You liked a property but you don't have clear the cost of its reform and decoration? Our Architects will translate your ideas into a budget and advise you on how to execute it.


We manage the issuance and collection of monthly receipts, liquidation of contracts at maturity, reviews and control of consumer price indices, as well as changes of ownership and collection of supplies and also the management of any incident that may arise during the life of the contract.


We insure your home with all the coverage, civil liability for damages to third parties, we insure the monthly collection of non-payment of rentals for both housing, retail premises and industrial buildings, insurance for professional activities.